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Folksafe took a fire drill



With the purpose to help all the staffs get well know of the basic knowledge about fire protection, raise the awareness of security, improve self-protection capability, master the strain capability and escaping skills when encountering the emergency fire and ensure staffs¡¯ life safety and property safety, Shenzhen Folksafe Technology Co., Ltd. held an emergency fire protection drill on 2nd, June, based on the conception of ¡° safe development, prevention first ¡±.

During the fire protection training and emergency drill activity, Shenzhen Folksafe Technology Co.,Ltd made sure every staff be trained, and insisted production safety is above all. What¡¯s more, by explaining the fire and security knowledge such as how to check fire, how to rectify and reform, how to fighting fire when it begins, how to escape and do self-protection, etc. and making example of several typical fire accidents happened these years, all the staffs¡¯ fire protection consciousness has been greatly improved.


This fire drill greatly improved all the staffs safety awareness, tested the feasibility and operability of fire protection plan, made familiar with emergency rescue procedures. It meanwhile played an important role in improving the ability of emergency command, harmonization and disposition, laid the firm foundation for carrying out emergency work efficiently and orderly in future!