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2015 Folksafe Outdoor Activities



 On June 27,2015,the whole day outward bound of FOLKSAFE team was opened in Xuliao Bay of Huizhou City. Whether the games "Monsters across the river" ," Challenge within 99 seconds " or "Queen's circle" all require members work together as a team to fulfill the special task. By holding and attending this outward bound, all the Folksafe staffs obtained lots of knowledge except work. The activities further established staff's team spirit, enhanced people's self-confidence and stamina,improved the members' executive ability,increased sense of team honour in every staffs'heart, etc. What's more,all the staffs can apply this creative thinking and team spirit which learnt from this outward bound to future work effectively, so that promote the company sustainable development !


  Moving forward with endless,and realizing brilliancy with cohesive force, FOLKSAFE will go forward a new stage!.