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•16-Channel Video Surge Protector
•Nominal Operating Voltage (Un): 6V
•Max Continuous Running Voltage (Uc): 8V
•Nominal Discharge Current {In (8/20us)}: 10KA
•Max Discharge Current {(Imax (8/20us) }:20KA
•Rated Load Current ( IL): 500mA
•Limited Voltage: 15V
•Max Transmission Speed:10Mbps
•Band Pass: 0~ 1GHz

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Video Surge Protectors are applied in coaxial communication devices of CCTV/CATV/ VOD system and so on. They play an important role in lighting strikes and surge protection. Video Surge protectors of coaxial communication signals are designed in accordance with IEC and National Standard. There're various of coaxial connectors such as F/N/ BNC.  Video Surge Protectors are easy and convenient in installation. No need maintenance and low insertion loss.


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