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• Provide 4 x 100Mbps Ethernet ports, 1 x 100Mbps fiber optical port
• Support End-Span method, complies with IEEE802.3 af/at standards, can supply max 30W power which is possible to power high-power infrared cameras.
• Comply with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3af/at standards.
• Support IEEE802.3x full-duplex flow control, support Auto MDI/MDIX
• Support port-base Vlan, prevent from broadcast storm so that make data conversion more efficient and safe.
• Restart function helps master IC reset wholly. Easy for users to solve network failure without swapping
power supply; Easy to maintain system; Help monitoring pictures recover quickly.
• Various LED display functions can real-timely display the device's current working conditions, and help prompt facility and remove trouble easily.
• Excellent lightning protection, lightning capacity up to 4KV
• Easy to install and operate on walls or on the desktops

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FS-S1004EP-FS20 is specialized unmanaged PoE switch designed for video surveillance and network project system, etc. It provides 4 x 100Mbps Ethernet ports and 1 x 100Mbps fiber optical port, support VLAN function, can effectively prevent whole system from broadcast storm so that make the data transfer safer..

This PoE network switch.can meet customers'  general demands. PoE network switch with PoE function, designed for high-definition network cameras'  internet access. It provides 4 100Mbps PoE Ethernet switches, complies with IEEE802.3af/at standards, and also simplifies wiring, avoids the troublesome of installing power socket for powered devices.



• Security Monitoring System

• Multimedia Network Teaching System

• Medical Monitoring Display System

• Industrial Automation Control System

• Banking, securities, financial information display system

• Remote Network Server Monitoring

• Department Store Security

• Casino Security

• Hospitals, Airports and banks

• School Campuses


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