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• Single Channel Ethernet signal and power Receiver
• Using coaxial cable transmits Ethernet signal and power. Maximum transmission distance of Ethernet signal can be 2000 meters and 500 meters of power with max 12V2A power supply.
• Accord with standards of EEE802.3 10BASE-T,IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX.
• With high speed modem technology, the physical broadband can up to 200Mbps.
• Built-in multi-stage surge and lightning protection design.
• Low power consumption, automatic error-correction coding technology.
• Easy installation, good presentation, fast network connection.

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Ethernet signal and power transmitter FS-EPOC7001R can transmit high speed Ethernet signal and power via coaxial cable. Its maximum transmission distance for Ethernet signal is 2000 meters and 500 meters for power. By adopting advanced OFDM technology to process the data, FS-EPOC7001R has high capacity of anti-jamming in real operating environment and its physical broadband can up to 200Mbps. With built-in multi-stage surge and lightning protection design, FS-EPOC7001R avoids devices from lightning damage. This product can be widely used in fields such as network expanding system, network security system, network information distribution system, network upgrading & expanding system, railway and urban transportation, metallurgy and mining, field operations etc.



• Security Monitoring System

• Multimedia Network Teaching System

• Medical Monitoring Display System

• Industrial Automation Control System

• Banking, securities, financial information display system

• Remote Network Server Monitoring

• Department Store Security

• Casino Security

• Hospitals, Airports and banks

• School Campuses



IP cameras based on coaxial cable or telephone wire

NVR based on coaxial cable or telephone wire

Video interphone based on coaxial cable or telephone wire

Intelligent home POS, broadband intelligent power grid etc.

Industrial fields such as railway, telecommunication, oil prospecting, coal mining etc.



1.Connect FS-E7001TX remote LAN port to network device RJ45 output; Connect 12VDC power output port with network device power interface; Fix BNC connector on both end of coaxial cable and connect one end with FS-E7001TX BNC interface.

2. Connect FS-EPOC7001R LAN port to network device RJ45 input; connect the other end of coaxial cable to FS-EPOC7001R BNC interface; Plug 48VDC power into the power interface of the transmitter. Check and ensure all connections are right, then connect power supply.

3. With internet connected, device tries connection automatically. Link indicator (yellow light) turns on and indicates coaxial cable is well connected; green light quick shining means internet signal transmission is in normal.


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