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HD Video Ground Loop Isolator
• No power supply required
• Can only be installed directly on the DVR side
• Can be connected to coaxial cable or Cat5e/6
• To prevent video signal distortion caused by the video ground loop
• Eliminate picture torn, crosstalk and scrolling.
•BNC male to BNC female with mini 20cm RG 59 coaxial pigtail lead on both sides
•Working bandwidth: 25Hz~50MHz ( -3dB )

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   FS-HDGL001, the HD Video Ground Loop Isolator, is a passive device working without power supply. With built-in magnetic circuit, the device helps to isolate the current at front and rear end and reduce its impact on the signal, and as a result, lower the grounding interference with HD CCTV video signal. The device could be easily installed in a new system or be added to the existing system.

   FS-HDGL001 works excellently in transmitting video signal between different ground potentials through electric cable as the ground potential difference is generally caused by unbalanced cable load. It could be applied to any CCTV system with earth loop interference such as office building, residence community, school, hospital, etc.



1.  Please make sure to install this video ground loop isolator only at DVR end. Do not install it at camera end.

2. The HD video ground loop isolator will increase the attenuation of video signal transmission. It is recommended to be installed under 200m over coax or under 150m over UTP cat5e/6.

3. The HD video ground loop isolator is not waterproof. Please provide good waterproof protection when used outdoors.

4. The HD ground loop isolator is only suitable for video surveillance systems where the front and rear end potentials are present. Other interference problems cannot be solved.




• Security Monitoring System

• Multimedia Network Teaching System

• Medical Monitoring Display System

• Industrial Automation Control System

• Banking, securities, financial information display system

• Remote Network Server Monitoring

• Department Store Security

• Casino Security

• Hospitals, Airports and banks

• School Campuses



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