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• Power supply: 12VDC input
• Plug & Play, real time transmit HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD signals, more clear, more stable;
• Excellent Design for heat rejection: Metal case, superior heat rejection performance, more stable;
• Connectors: Male BNC connectors for coax, and with push-pin terminals.

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FS-HDA4501R is single channel HD active UTP Video Receiver over Cat5e/6, compatible with HD CVI,TVI, AHD,  CVBS analog cameras. It is widely applied to the field of CCTV Video Transmission.


Installation steps

1. Before installation, please check the devices and accessories as blow included in the package; If not, please contact with the manufacturer directly.

1) FS-HDA4501R                               1pc

2) User Munual                                1pc

2. Please follow the below steps for installation.

1) Power off, make sure no damage for the device;

2) Connect FS-HDA4501R to NVR: Male BNC of FS-HDA4501R to the female BNC of DVR, the other side of  FS-HDA4501R to power connector and video connector.

3) Check the connection of transmitter and receiver accordingly, make sure keep the same pin connection table.

4) Power on after well connected.


Trouble shooting

If something has gone wrong with the device, please follow up the below steps to solve the problems;

1) Check whether the connection is well or not according to the user manual.

2) Check whether the UTP cable connect well or not, with open circuit or not, and the pin connection table  of Transmitter and receiver right or not.

3) Check the transmission distance is no more than the max transmission distance.

4) Check the power input of FS-HDA4501R 12VDC or not.

5) Change the faulty device with well working device to check the device damaged or not ;

6) If the device still cannot work, please contact the manufacturer.


After-sale Service

There is 1-year world-wide warranty from the date of purchasing.

The warranty terms as below for your reference.

1) Return: within 15 days from the shipping date due to the quality problems

2) Replacement: within 30 days from the shipping date due to the quality problems

3) Maintenance:

  Within 1-year warranty period, free of charge for repair.

  Exceeding 1-year warranty, the repair is paid by customers according to the situation of the device.                                 


The following factors resulted in the failure or damage for the device are not covered under the warranty terms:

1) All man-made damage, including non-normal work environment, not in accordance with user manual and  improper storage, etc;

2) Users disassemble, repair or take the product to a undesignated maintenance point by manufacturer for detection and maintenance;

3) Failure or damage is due to force majeure and other unexpected events (such as natural disasters, fire, lightning and earthquakes);

4) Other problems and faulty caused by the non-normal use.



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